S. Condino, R. Piazza, et al., "Electromagnetic Guided In-Situ Laser Fenestration of Endovascular Stent-Graft: endovascular tools sensorization strategy and preliminary laser testing", Medical Imaging and Augmented Reality, pp.72-83, Aug. 2016

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The in-situ endograft fenestration, a possible surgical option for the minimally invasive treatment of aneurysms with unfavorable anatomy, is today limited by difficulties in targeting the fenestration site and by the lack of a safe method to perforate the graft. In this work we suggest the use of: a 3D electromagnetic (EM) navigator, to accurately guide the endovascular instruments to the target, and a laser system, to selectively perforate the graft. More particularly we propose to integrate a laser fiber into a sensorized guidewire and we describe an EM sensorization strategy to accurately guide the laser tool. Finally we preliminary explore different laser irradiation conditions to achieve a successful endograft fenestration and we verify that the heating generated by the laser doesn’t damage the EM coils.

Keywords: In-situ endograft fenestration, Laser fenestration, Electromagnetic navigation, Endovascular Surgery.