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G. Valenza, M. Nardelli, G. Bertschy, A. Lanatà, E.P. Scilingo: "Mood states modulate complexity in heartbeat dynamics: A multiscale entropy analysis", EPL (Europhysics Letters), Volume 107, Issue 1, 1 July 2014, Article number 18003

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This paper demonstrates that heartbeat complex dynamics is modulated by different pathological mental states. Multiscale entropy analysis was performed on R-R interval series gathered from the electrocardiogram of eight bipolar patients who exhibited mood states among depression, hypomania, and euthymia, i.e., good affective balance. Three different methodologies for the choice of the sample entropy radius value were also compared. We show that the complexity level can be used as a marker of mental states being able to discriminate among the three pathological mood states, suggesting to use heartbeat complexity as a more objective clinical biomarker for mental disorders.