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Giovanni Pennelli - DII, "Finite-element modeling for engineers", 19, 20, 26, 27 October 2017

16 hours (4 credits)

Aula Riunioni del Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, via G. Caruso 16, Pisa – Ground Floor or Second Floor

Short Abstract:
The objective of the course is to give the basic principles of finite element modeling (FEM), which is one of the most powerful tools for the numerical solution of partial differential equations in complex domains. The course will not be very rigorous about the mathematical properties of the method, but it will principally deal with practical aspects of the resolution of partial differential equations applied to problems commonly encountered in the modern engineering. Several software for FEM simulations will be illustrated, and particular emphasis will be given to free software tools as FreeFEM and FENICS. During the course, large space will be given to practical examples by using a free FEM tool (as FENICS).

Course Contents in brief:

  • Topic 1. Basic mathematical principles of the Finite Element Modeling.
  • Topic 2. practical aspects of finite element modeling, applied to engineering problems: domain definition, meshing, boundary conditions.
  • Topic 3. Software for FEM simulations: FreeFEM, FENICS, ...
  • Topic 4. Example of the applications of FEM to practical problems, using FENICS.


  • 19/10/2017: ore 9-13, Aula Riunioni Secondo Piano;
  • 20/10/2017: ore 9-13, Aula Riunioni Secondo Piano;
  • 26/10/2017: ore 9-13, Aula Riunioni Piano Terra;
  • 27/10/2017: ore 9-13, Aula Riunioni Piano Terra;