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Stefano Stanzione - IMEC-NL Eindhoven, The Netherlands, "Design of Multi Sensor biomedical integrated circuits", 26-28 June 2017

20 hours (5 credits)

Aula Riunioni del Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, via G. Caruso 16, Pisa – Ground Floor

Short Abstract:
The growth of wearable health devices is due not only to the curiosity to know more about our physical condition, but also to the dream of having a longer and healthier life by means of improved prevention. The main challenge is that medical grade accuracy needs to be achieved while the subject just lives his own life, without any constrain or discomfort. For allowing this dream to come true, multiple innovations have been done both on circuits and systems. The main challenge has been (and will be) to achieve medical grade signal integrity with very low power consumption, while avoiding any constrain or discomfort for the user.

Course Contents in brief:

  • Topic 1: Interface between electronics and body
  • Topic 2: System architectures for sensing biopotentials
  • Topic 3: Instrumentation amplifier design
  • Topic 4: Sensing more than just biopotentials


  • 26/06/2017 – 9:00/13:00 and 14:30/17:30
  • 27/06/2017 – 9:00/13:00 and 14:30/17:30
  • 28/06/2017 – 9:00/13:00 and 14:30/16:30