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Modifica Date - Alessandra Costanzo - Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering, “G. Marconi”, Alma Mater studiorum Università di Bologna - "Wireless power transfer: technologies and applications", 20-22 July 2020

16 hours (4 credits)

From remote by using Microsoft Teams. The link will be sent in due time to all students who registered to the seminar.

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Short Abstract:
The course aim is to introduce the students to the analysis and design of entire systems able to provide EM energy wirelessly. Two different approaches will be presented: the first one is based on the reactive coupling between a transmitter and a receiver, by means of inductive or capacitive mechanism; the second one is based on radiative wireless power transfer and consists of active antennas at the transmitter side and rectenna (rectifying antennas) at the receiver side.
Different systems will be studied depending on the power level and on the operating frequency adopted for specific applications.
budget and how to select the proper WPT system, based on the application scenarios, to ensure the maximum system efficiency. The design of the following circuits, composing a WPT system will be studied:

  • DC to RF converter, power generators
  • Wireless links radiative and reactive
  • RF to DC converter, rectifiers

Course Contents in brief:

  • Introduction to energy autonomous and battery-less RF systems (1 h)
  • A circuit-level unified approach to characterize the power budget of a whole WPT system (1 h)
  • The Rectenna (rectifying antenna) design (3 h)


  • The resonant inductive link (3 h)
  • Electromagnetic/circuital co-design (2 h)


  • A Near-field WPT system for “on-the-move” recharging (3 h)
  • A Far-field WPT system for energy-autonomous UWB localization (3 h)

20-22 July 2020