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Prof. João Paulo Costeira, Instituto Superior Técnico - Lisboa, Portugal - "Computer Vision: 3D structure from motion", 19-23 April 2021

18 hours (4 credits)


From remote by using Microsoft Teams. The link will be sent in due time to all students who registered to the seminar.

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Short Abstract:

This course introduces foundational representations, models and processes to extract 3D information from streams of images. It introduces the geometric camera model and the relations in a multiview scenario as well as the techniques to compute 3D structure from image sequences. In a second part 3D information is used in a class of problems involving 3D registration: Self-Localization and Mapping (SLAM), 3D shape recognition and tracking. Finally the course will analyse the recent trend towards data-driven tools based in deep-learning models. For each of these topics the a set of software tools will be introduced and the course will be evaluated.

Course Contents in brief:

  1. Linear Algebra review
  2. Perspective camera and transformations
  3. 3D Reconstruction : BA and bilinear methods
  4. 3D Registration : ICP
  5. SLAM: Solving the Pose-graph
  6. Applications and tools


  1. Day1 - 19 April 2021 - 9.30-13.00
  2. Day2 - 20 April 2021 - 9.30-13.00
  3. Day3 - 21 April 2021 - 9.30-13.00
  4. Day4 - 22 April 2021 - 9.30-13.00
  5. Day5 - 23 April 2021 - 9.30-13.30