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A. Leoni, D.Davalle, L. Fanucci: "ARM-based embedded system for SpaceFibre Link An-alyser", 1st Italian Workshop on Embedded Systems (IWES), TECIP, Pisa, Italia, 20 Settembre, 2016
A complete embedded system implementing a SpaceFibre Link Analyser has been presented. SpaceFibre is the forthcoming standard for on-board satellite communications and there is a strong necessity for a test equipment able to validate the devices that...
D. Davalle, A. Leoni, L. Fanucci: "Verification environment for a SpaceFibre CODEC compliant with the standard draft F3", 23rd SpaceWire Working Group, ESA ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, April 21, 2015
A SpaceFibre CODEC fully compliant with the standard draft F3 has been implemented as a previous work. In order to test it, a complete verification environment has been developed using the state-of-the-art verification framework for SystemVerilog, that...
D. Davalle, A. Leoni, L. Fanucci: "Independent implementation of a SpaceFibre CODEC compliant with standard draft F3", 22nd SpaceWire Working Group, ESA ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, December 11, 2014
SpaceFibre is the emerging technology for on-board satellite communication. It represents a big improvement with respect to its predecessor SpaceWire, in particular it has a data rate beyond 2Gbps, it includes a Fault Detection Isolation and Recovery...

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