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P. Bernabò, F. Cuccoli, L.Baldini - Icing Hazard for Civil Aviation, Metrology for Aerospace (MetroAeroSpace), 2015 IEEE
Detecting icing conditions such as those related to super cooled droplets and high density ice crystals is a very challenging task. Both these phenomena are very dangerous for Civil Aviation, therefore it is worth understand the ice formation and its...
F. Cuccoli, A. Lupidi, P. Bernabò, E. Barcaroli, L. Facheris, and L. Baldini - Exploiting dual-polarization technique in weather radar for civil aircrafts to mitigate risk in adverse conditions, URSI-AT RASC, 2015
Airborne Dual-polarization weather radars can provide the pilot with a lot of information about the meteorological situation the aircraft is going to meet. Dealing with more information yields increased workload for the pilot. Automatic systems can...
P. Bernabó, R. Burioni, S. Lepri, A. Vezzani: "Anomalous transmission and drifts in one-dimensional Lévy structures", Chaos, Solitons & Fractals (2014),Volume 67, October 2014, Pages 11–19
We study the transmission of random walkers through a finite-size inhomogeneous material with a quenched, long-range correlated distribution of scatterers. We focus on a finite one-dimensional structure where walkers undergo random collisions with a...

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