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Structural and Thermoanalytical Characterization of 3D Porous PDMS Foam Materials: The Effect of Impurities Derived from a Sugar Templating Process

José Gonzàlez-Rivera, Rossella Iglio, Giuseppe Barillaro, Celia Duce and Maria Rosaria Tinè Polymers 2018, 10 (6), 616; https://doi.org/10.3390/polym10060616 Abstract Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) polymers are extensively used in a wide range of research and industrial fields, due…
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B. Delalat, C. Cozzi, S. R. Ghaemi, G. Polito, F. H. Kriel, T. D. Michl, F. J. Harding, C. Priest, G. Barillaro, and N. H. Voelcker, Microengineered Bioartificial Liver Chip for Drug Toxicity Screening, Advanced Functional Materials, 2018

Microfluidic 3D cell culture is a promising technology for the screening of drug toxicity profiles. In this study, a bioartificial liver consisting of a surfaceengineered microfluidic silicon chip with microtrenches mimicking hepatic sinusoids is shown…
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Cominelli, L., Mazzei, D., & De Rossi, D. E. (2018). SEAI: Social Emotional Artificial Intelligence Based on Damasio’s Theory of Mind. Frontiers in Robotics and AI, 5, 6.

A socially intelligent robot must be capable to extract meaningful information in real time from the social environment and react accordingly with coherent human-like behavior. Moreover, it should be able to internalize this information, to…
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Lazzeri, N., Mazzei, D., Cominelli, L., Cisternino, A., & De Rossi, D. E. (2018). Designing the Mind of a Social Robot. Applied Sciences, 8(2), 302.

Humans have an innate tendency to anthropomorphize surrounding entities and have always been fascinated by the creation of machines endowed with human-inspired capabilities and traits. In the last few decades, this has become a reality…
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Cominelli, L., Carbonaro, N., Mazzei, D., Garofalo, R., Tognetti, A., & De Rossi, D. (2017). A Multimodal Perception Framework for Users Emotional State Assessment in Social Robotics. Future Internet, 9(3), 42.

In this work, we present an unobtrusive and non-invasive perception framework based on the synergy between two main acquisition systems: the Touch-Me Pad, consisting of two electronic patches for physiological signal extraction and processing; and…
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