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A. Bartolini, A. Caiti, E. Ciaramella, P. Conte, G. Cossu, D. Costa, S. Grechi, R. Nuti, D. Scaradozzi, A. Sturniolo: “OptoCOMM: development and experimentation of a new optical wireless underwater modem”, IEEE/MTS OCEANS 16, Monterey, September 2016
This paper presents our recent advancements in the development of the underwater optical wireless modems, designed within the OptoCOMM project. The target performance of the optical modem is to achieve the data rate of 10 Mbit/s at a distance of at...
A. Caiti, P. Gjanci, S. Grechi, R. Nuti, C. Petrioli, L. Picari, D. Spaccini: “OptoCOMM and SUNSET to enable large data offloading in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks”, IEEE/MTS OCEANS 16, Monterey, September 2016
In this paper we present the initial implementation of an integrated optical and acoustic system that can enable large data transfer between mobile and static nodes in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSNs). The proposed system is based on the...
S. Grechi, A. Caiti: “Comparison between Optimal Control Allocation with Mixed Quadratic & Linear Programming Techniques”, IFAC CAMS16, Trondheim, September 2016
The paper provides a comparison between different control allocation techniques in over-actuated Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. The pseudoinverse, Linear Programming (LP), Quadratic Programming (QP), Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) and Mixed...
A. Caiti, E. Ciaramella, P. Conte, G. Cossu, D. Costa, S. Grechi, R. Nuti, D. Scaradozzi, A. Sturniolo: “OptoCOMM: Introducing a New Optical Underwater Wireless Communication Modem”, IEEE UCOMMS16, Lerici, September 2016
OptoCOMM aims at demonstrating the potential, at physical level, of a communication facility for the SUNRISE platform constituted by an Optical Underwater Wireless Communication (OUWC) module with target performance of 10 Mb/s transmission rate at 10...
F. Fabiani, S. Grechi, S. Della Tommasina, A. Caiti: “A NLPCA Hybrid Approach for AUV Thrusters Fault Detection and Isolation”. IEEE SysTol16, Barcelona, September 2016.
The objective of this paper is to address the problem of Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) on thrusters of an over-actuated Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) under on/off abrupt faults. The goal is pursued through Non-Linear Principal Component...
F. Di Corato, M. Novi, F. Pacini, G. Paoli, A. Caiti, D. Fenucci, S. Grechi: "A nonlinear complementary filter for underwater navigation using inertial measurements", OCEANS 15, Genova
This paper describes a nonlinear complementary filter capable of estimating the course motion variables namely the position, velocity, heading and accelerometers bias of an agile, over-actuated AUV during underwater operations, using the inertial...
F. Di Corato, M. Novi, F. Pacini, G. Paoli, A. Caiti, D. Fenucci, S. Grechi: "Optimal aided inertial navigation, augmented with inter-sensors self-calibration", OCEANS 15, Genova
The proposed work is in the framework of the V-Fides project, in which is a general purpose, 3000m depth rated underwater vehicle with highly maneuverability capabilities was developed. The project was co-funded by Tuscany Region (Italy) and developed...
A. Caiti, F. Di Corato, F. Fabiani, D. Fenucci, S. Grechi, F. Pacini, "Enhancing autonomy: Fault detection, identification and optimal reaction for over—Actuated AUVs", OCEANS 15, Genova
The adoption of fault detection and isolation (FDI) techniques is fundamental to ensure high levels of safety and productivity, especially in critical and expensive applications like Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV). This paper describes a...
A. Caiti, F. Di Corato, D. Fenucci, S. Grechi, M. Novi, F. Pacini, G. Paoli: "The Project V-Fides: a new generation AUV for deep underwater exploration, operation and monitoring", OCEANS’14 St John’s, September 2014
The proposed work is in the framework of the V- Fides project, aiming at developing a new generation of agile, over-actuated, long endurance Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, for deep underwater exploration, operation and monitoring. The project is...

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