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A. Mannocci: “Data Flow Monitoring: system requirements and design”. OpenAIRE2020. Deliverable D8.4, October 2015.
A. Mannocci: "Monitoring data quality in research data infrastructures", Early career poster session at Research Data Alliance (RDA) 4th Plenary Meeting, Amsterdam, Sep 2014
A. Mannocci, P. Manghi: “DataQ: A Data Flow Quality Monitoring System for Aggregative Data Infrastructures”. In 20th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL) (pp. 357-369). Springer International Publishing, Septe
Aggregative Data Infrastructures (ADIs) are information systems offering services to integrate content collected from data sources so as to form uniform and richer information spaces and support communities of users with enhanced access services to...
M. Artini, C. Atzori, A. Bardi, S. La Bruzzo, P. Manghi, A. Mannocci: “The OpenAIRE Literature Broker Service for Institutional Repositories”. In D-Lib Magazine, 21(11), 3, November 2015.
OpenAIRE is the European infrastructure for Open Access scholarly communication. It populates and provides access to a graph of objects relative to publications, datasets, people, organisations, projects, and funders aggregated from a variety of data...
A. Mannocci, V. Casarosa, P. Manghi, F. Zoppi: “The EAGLE data aggregator: data quality monitoring”. In 7th EAGLE International Conference, January 2016.
The EAGLE project aggregates epigraphy related content from about 20 different data providers, and makes its content available to both Europeana and to scholars. Data Quality monitoring is a key issue in Aggregative Data Infrastructures, where content...
A. Mannocci, V. Casarosa, P. Manghi, F. Zoppi: “The EAGLE Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy: a technical perspective” IRCDL 2015
The project EAGLE (Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy, a Best Practice Network partially funded by the European Commission) aims at aggregating epigraphic material provided by some 15 different epigraphic archives (about 80% of the...
P. Manghi, M. Artini, C. Atzori, A. Bardi, A. Mannocci, S. La Bruzzo, L. Candela, D. Castelli, P. Pagano: “The D-NET Software Toolkit: A Framework for the Realization, Maintenance, and Operation of Aggregative Infrastructures”, Program vol. 48 (4), e
Abstract - In the last decade, as a consequence of the multidisciplinary and data-driven character of modern science, researchers grew a strong demand for collecting, integrating and combining information ob­jects from multiple research-oriented data...
A. Mannocci, V. Casarosa, P. Manghi, F. Zoppi: " The Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy Data Infrastructure", accepted in 8th Metadata and Semantics Research Conference (MTSR), November 2014
Epigraphic archives, containing collections of editions about ancient Greek and Latin inscriptions, have been created in several European countries during the last couple of centuries. Today, the project EAGLE (Europeana network of Ancient Greek and...
V. Casarosa, P. Manghi, A. Mannocci, E. R. Ruiz, F. Zoppi: "A Conceptual Model for Inscriptions: Harmonizing Digital Epigraphy Data Sources", 1st EAGLE International Conference, Sep 2014
The TEI/EpiDoc encoding is considered the de facto standard in digital epigraphy as it enables a holistic digital description of an inscription and the semantic mark-up of its text, all of this in a flexible, machine-readable and exchangeable format....

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