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E. Barcaroli, A.Lupidi, F.Cuccoli, L.Facheris. Polarimetric Weather Radar Simulator: Preliminary Validation in Rain Case. IEEE Radar Conference (RADAR). May,2017 - Seattle (U.S).
A simulator of weather radar signals can be exploited as useful reference in many applications, such as weather forecasting and now-casting models or training for aircraft trajectory optimization to reduce flight hazard. However, it must be well...
F.Cuccoli, A.Lupidi, P.Bernabò, E.Barcaroli, L.Facheris, L.Baldini: "Exploiting dual-polarisation technique in weather radar for civil aircrafts to mitigate risk in adverse conditions", Radio Science Conference (URSI-AT RASC), 2015 1st URSI Atlantic
N. Roberto, L.Baldini, E. Adirosi, S.Lischi, A. Lupidi, F. Cuccoli, E.Barcaroli, L.Facheris: "Test and validation of particle classification based on meteorological model and weather simulator", European Radar Conference (EuRAD), October 2016-London
Dual-polarization weather radars provide a number of measurements from which considerable meteorological information is obtained. This allows to identify procedures to classify hydrometeors and to estimate rainfall and ice mass. An important challenge...
E. Barcaroli, F.Cuccoli, S.Lischi, A.Lupidi, L.Facheris, "Output consistency analysis of the polarimetric weather radar simulator through real weather events", 17th International Radar Symposium (IRS), 10-12 May 2016
POWERS is a polarimetric weather radar signal simulator developed by the RaSS (Radar and Surveillance System) Laboratory. This software allows to produce realistic weather radar measurements from a known meteorological scenario, generated by the WRF...
E.Barcaroli, A.Lupidi, F.Cuccoli, L.Baldini, L.Facheris: "X-Band Avionic Weather Simulator: out-puts testing and analysis", European Radar Conference (EuRAD), September 2015-Paris.
In a close future, airborne polarimetric weather Doppler radars are destined to become essential tools to guarantee air-plane flight safety. Dual polarisation techniques along with Doppler capabilities will make it easier to better detect the nature of...
E.Barcaroli, A.Lupidi, F.Cuccoli, L.Facheris, L.Berizzi: "Analysis of X-Band Weather Polarimetric Radar Simulator for avionic Purposes", International Radar Symposium 2015 (IRS), June 2015- Dresden.
The improvement of the essential aircraft equipment used by pilots has a very important role in safety enhancement. In this context polarimetric weather doppler radars could offer a valuable aid in improving detection and classification of...

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