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A. Lazzeri, M.G.C.A. Cimino, G. Vaglini "Enabling swarm aggregation of position data via adaptive stigmergy: a case study in urban traffic flows", in Proc. IISA 2015, 6-8 July, Corfù, Greece.
Urban road congestion estimation is a challenge in traffic management. City traffic state can vary temporally and spatially between road links, depending on crossroads and lanes. In addition, congestion estimation requires some sort of tuning to “what...
A. Lazzeri, M. G. C. A. Cimino, G. Vaglini, 'Combining stigmergic and flocking behaviors to coordinate swarms of drones performing target search ', Proceedings of IISA 2015, 6-8 July, Corfù, Greece.
Due to growing endurance, safety and non-invasivity, small drones can be increasingly experimented in unstructured environments. Their moderate computing power can be assimilated into swarm coordination algorithms, performing tasks in a scalable...
Barsocchi P., Cimino M.G.C.A., Ferro E., Lazzeri A., Palumbo F., Vaglini G. , "Monitoring elderly behavior via indoor position-based stigmergy ", Pervasive and Mobile Computing, in stampa
Abstract: In this paper we present a novel approach for monitoring elderly people living alone and independently in their own homes. The proposed system is able to detect behavioral deviations of the routine indoor activities on the basis of a generic...
Cimino M.G.C.A., Lazzeri A., Vaglini G., Improving the analysis of context-aware information via marker-based stigmergy and differential evolution
Abstract: We use the marker-based stigmergy, a mechanism that mediates animal-animal interactions, to perform context-aware information aggregation. In contrast with conventional knowledge-based models of aggregation, our model is data-driven and based...

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