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Magliaro C. et al., "DataBrain: a web-accessible database for three-dimensional reconstructions and quantitative morphometrics of neurons", EMBEC & NBC 2017. EMBEC 2017, NBC 2017. IFMBE Proceedings, vol 65. Springer, Singapore
Thanks to the new advanced tools and the innovative methods to image deep in the brain at cell resolution, neuroanatomy is quickly redefining its protocols for quantitatively studying neurons in their own three-dimensional arrangement. The huge amount...
Magliaro C., Callara A. L., Vanello N., Ahluwalia A: "A Manual Segmentation Tool for Three-Dimensional Neuron Datasets", Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, vol. 11, pp. 36, May 2017
To date, automated or semi-automated software and algorithms for segmentation of neurons from three-dimensional imaging datasets have had limited success. The gold standard for neural segmentation is considered to be the manual isolation performed by...
C. Magliaro, A. Callara, G. Mattei, M. Morcinelli, M. Viaggi, F. Vaglini, A. Ahluwalia: “Clarifying CLARITY: quantitative optimization of the diffusion based delipidation protocol for genetically labelled tissue,” Front.Neurosci., vol.10, n.179, 2016
Tissue clarification has been recently proposed to allow deep tissue imaging without light scattering. The clarification parameters are somewhat arbitrary and dependent on tissue type, source and dimension: every laboratory has its own protocol, but a...

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