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Dr. Michele Dei - IMB-CNM(CSIC) - Spain - "Analog-to-Digital Converters Design Towards the Internet of Everything", 6-9 May 2019

16 hours (4 credits)

Aula Riunioni del Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione, Via G. Caruso 16, Pisa – Ground Floor

Short Abstract:
Internet of Everything (IoE) emerges on top of the relatively more known Internet of Thing (IoT) by merging to “things” also people, data and processes whereas “things” are intended to be sensors and actuators ready to be connected to the Internet. IoE unfolds a vision with greater technical complexity, societal impact and economic value which will be one of the fundamental driving forces for applied research during the next decade. In this context, electronic engineers are called to adopt new design paradigms to target the challenging specifications of almost energy autonomous sensing/actuating nodes. This course tries to provide a reference frame for current cutting-edge techniques in Analog-to-Digital converters design in mainstream CMOS technologies under the focus of IoE.

Course Contents in brief:

  • Internet of Everything: concept, impact and smart systems
  • Analog-to-Digital Converters: circuit primitives and basic building blocks
  • Analog-To-Digital Converters: Delta-Sigma modulation
  • Analog-To-Digital Converters: Successive Approximation Registers
  • Analog-To-Digital Converters: Time-domain processing


  • 6/5/2019 – 9.30-13.30
  • 7/5/2019 – 9.30-13.30
  • 8/5/2019 – 9.30-13.30
  • 9/5/2019 – 9.30-13.30