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Dr. Paolo Masci, Queen Mary University of London, “Design and analysis of software for interactive medical devices”

13 - 16 Ottobre 2014

16 ore - 4 crediti

Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, via Caruso 16, Aula Riunioni Piano Terra.


Course Contents in brief:
• Introduction and motivation (3 hours)
• Usability and safety requirements for medical device software (4 hours)
• Verification and validation of medical device software (6 hours)
• Final remarks and test (3 hours)


Detailed schedule:
Mon (13 October, 3h): 10am-1pm
Regulatory challenges for medical devices - Case study: design issues in medical device software - Understanding the relation between use errors, human error, and software design issues

Tue (14 October, 5h): 10am-12noon / 2pm-5pm
Modelling and analysis of medical device software using formal methods technologies - Lab session: a gentle introduction to the PVS verification system - Lab session: modelling user interface software in PVS - Lab session: rapid prototyping user interface software using PVSio-web

Wed (15 October, 5h): 10am-12noon / 2pm-5pm
Hazard analysis techniques for identifying use-related hazards - From hazards identification to defining usability and safety requirements - Lab session: a gentle introduction to the PVS theorem prover - Lab session: verification of user interface software in PVS

Thu (16 October, 3h): 10am-1pm
Concluding remarks - Final test