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Learning activities for the year 2019/20-Attività formative 2019/20


  • Marco Moretti, “Resource Allocation for Wireless Networks” (TLC/INF)
  • Giovanni Pennelli, “Thermoelectric nanodevices for microscavenging and macroharvesting” (ELE)
  • Manolo Garabini, “Optimal Control: From Calculus of Variations Theory to Numerical Optimization Methods and Tools, with Application to Motion Planning and Control”, (AUT)
  • Vincenzo Ferrari, ““Machine Vision and Augmented Reality” (GEN)
  • Emilio Calvanese Strinati, CEA-LETI Grenoble, “5G, Beyond 5G and 6G: the next frontier” (Garroppo, GEN)Frank Fitzek, Univ. Dresden, “5G Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop” (Giordano, TLC/AUT/BIO)
  • Alessandra Costanzo, Univ. di Bologna, “Wireless Power Transfer: technologies, models and applications” (Nepa, ELE/ELM/BIO)
  • Vassilis Papaefstathiou, Institute of Computer Science FORTH, Grecia, “High Performance Computer Architectures” (Saponara, ELE/INF)
  • Stefano Cresci, IIT-CNR Pisa, "Credibility assessment in social media with a focus on social bot detection” (Avvenuti, INF)
  • Angelica Lo Duca, Andrea Marchetti, CNR Pisa: “Introduction to Data Journalism and Storytelling” (Cimino, GEN)
  • Thomas Boland, University of Texas El Paso, “Introduction to Bioprinting” (Vozzi, BIO)
  • Francisco Cazorla, Spanish National Research Council CSIC - Instituto de Investigacion en Inteligencia Artificial (IIIA) and Operating System Group Manager at Barcelona Super Computing Center, “SuPerCom: Sustainable Performance for High-Performance Computing Systems” (Saponara, INF/ELE)
  • Nihal Kularatna, The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, “Supercapacitor Techniques for DC Microgrid and Renewable Energy Applications” (Saletti, ELE)
  • Ettore Ritacco, CNR Rende (CS), “Anomaly Detection in IoT Streaming Data with Deep Learning” (Cimino, INF/TLC)
  • Gianpaolo Coro, CNR Pisa, "Big Data Analytics and Signal Processing: Biological Data as a Case Study", (Luise, INF/TLC)
  • Antonella Longo, Università del Salento, “On Cyber-Physical Social Systems (CPSSs): Challenges and new research directions” (Anastasi, INF/TLC)
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