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Davide Adami; Andrea Gabbrielli; Stefano Giordano; Michele Pagano; Giuseppe Portaluri: "A Fuzzy Logic Approach for Resources Allocation in Cloud Data Center", 5th Workshop on Cloud Computing Systems, Networks, and Applications (Globecom), 2015

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The rapidly increasing demand of Cloud services, asking for a flexible and dynamic design of the Cloud, has become a major challenge in DC deployment. Classical Traffic Engineering approaches are no longer enough to deal with the efficient use of IT and network resources in this highly distributed scenario. To cope with this issue, we propose two Fuzzy logic controllers for DC resource allocation based on Mamdani and Sugeno inference processes, that are able to take advantage of simple heuristic rules for efficient virtual machines allocation. To test the effectiveness of the proposed controllers we compare their performance with two variants of Multi-objective allocators as well as a simple Mono-dimensional algorithm. Preliminary simulation tests validate our proposal in terms of number of allocated requests and average server resource utilization.