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S.Gelli, A.Bacci, M.Martorella, F.Berizzi "Extended Space Doppler Adaptive Processing for Bistatic Multichannel ISAR imaging of targets masked by strong clutter" European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar (EuSAR), June 2016, Hamburg

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SAR systems are unable to obtain well focused images of non-cooperative targets in the scene.
Moreover, the spreading effect induced by the uncompensated target motion leads to low detection 
capability. For this reason clutter suppression techniques are needed to improve target detection. 
This make ISAR processing applicable to obtain well focused images of non-cooperative 
moving targets. In order to apply this processing to bistatic system the problem of clutter 
non-stationarity should be taken into account since this dramatically degrades STAP performance 
with respect the monostatic case. 
A new bistatic STAP processing will be introduced  and ISAR processing will be applied after 
clutter suppression. Results on simulated data will prove the effectiveness of the proposed