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A. Virdis, C. Vallati, G. Nardini, "Automating large-scale simulation and data analysis with OMNeT++: lessons learned and future perspectives", OMNeT++ Community Summit 2016, Brno, CZ, September 15-16, 2016

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Simulation is widely adopted in the study of modern computer networks. In this context, OMNeT++ provides a set of very effective tools that spans from the definition of the network, to the automation of simulation execution and quick result representation. However, as network models become more and more complex to cope with the evolution of networks systems, the amount of simulation factors, the number of simulated nodes and the size of results grow consequently, leading to simulations with larger scale. In this work, we perform a critical analysis of the tools provided by OMNeT++ in case of such large-scale simulations. We then propose a unified and flexible software architecture to support simulation automation.

Keywords: {OMNeT++; Large-Scale Simulations; Data Analysis; Simulation automation}