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Electromagnetic Field Pre-alignment of the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) Accelerating Structure with help of Wakefield Monitor Signals

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The CLIC project, currently under study at CERN is an electron-positron collider at 3 TeV centre-of-mass energy and luminosity of 2*1034 cm-2s−1. Achieving such luminosity requires a beam dimension of 1 nm in the vertical plane and high beam stability. The TD24 is a traveling wave structure operating at 12 GHz designed to reach 100 MV/m at constant gradient. It consists of two coupling cells and 24 disks. The RF is coupled from cell to cell though an iris of 5.5 mm. To minimize the occurrence of wake-fields and minimize the emittance growth Δεy below 5%, the pre-alignment precision of the electrical centre of the accelerating structure (AS) on its support has to be better than 7 μm. Following, the AS is actively aligned with beam using the wake-field monitor (WFM) signals, with a resolution of 3.5 μm. A test bench for laboratory measurements has been designed and exploits the asymmetry created by RF scattering parameters of an off-centre conductive wire, stretched to locate the electromagnetic centre of the AS. Simulations and preliminary measurement results are presented.