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S. Ciotti, E. Battaglia, I. Oikonomidis, A. Makris, A. Tsoli, A. Bicchi, A. A. Argyros, M. Bianchi: “Synergy-driven Performance Enhancement of Vision-based 3D Hand Pose Reconstruction”, MOBIHEALTH 2016, accepted

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In this work we propose, for the rst time, to improve the performance of a hand pose reconstruction (HPR) technique from RGBD camera data, which is a ected by self-occlusions, leveraging upon postural synergy information, i.e., a priori information on how human most commonly use and shape their hands in everyday life tasks. More speci fically, in our approach, we ignore joint angle values estimated with low con dence through a vision-based HPR technique and fuse synergistic information with such incomplete measures. Preliminary experiments are reported showing the e ectiveness of the proposed integration.