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A. Mannocci, V. Casarosa, P. Manghi, F. Zoppi: “The EAGLE data aggregator: data quality monitoring”. In 7th EAGLE International Conference, January 2016.

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The EAGLE project aggregates epigraphy related content from about 20 different data providers, and makes its content available to both Europeana and to scholars. Data Quality monitoring is a key issue in Aggregative Data Infrastructures, where content is collected from a number of different sources with different data models and quality standards. This paper presents a Monitoring Framework for enabling the observation and monitoring of an aggregative infrastructure focusing on the description of the Data Flow and Dynamics Service, and exemplifying these concepts with a use case tailored to the characteristics of the EAGLE aggregation data flow. An Infrastructure Quality Manager (IQM) is provided with a Web user interface (WebUI), allowing her to describe the data flows taking place in the infrastructure and to define monitoring scenarios. The scenarios will include the definition of sensors (pieces of software plugged into the data flow), which will provide observations of measured objects. The scenarios include also the definition of controls and analysers, which will store and process the observations received from the sensors and will verify if the values of the measured features comply with some expected behaviour over time. A monitoring scenario for EAGLE has been defined and tested on simulated data (the monitoring framework is still under development) in order to monitor the “health” of different data collections involved in the EAGLE collection and transformation workflows.