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G. Franzini, L. Pollini, M. Innocenti, "H-infinity Controller Design for Spacecraft Terminal Rendezvous on Elliptic Orbits using Differential Game Theory", in Proc. 2016 American Control Conference, Boston (MA), USA, Jul. 2016, pp. 7438-7443.

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The paper presents a H-infinity guidance law for spacecraft low-thrust terminal rendezvous on elliptic orbits. The dynamics of the rendezvous on elliptic orbits are governed by a set of linear time-varying equations, in literature known as linear equations of relative motion. Standard H-infinity controller design technique for linear systems cannot be adopted, since the system is time-varying. Therefore, the problem is formulated as a zero-sum two-person differential game following the minimax H-infinity design technique developed by Başar and Bernhard. The main result is a closed-form solution of the terminal rendezvous on elliptic orbits H-infinity control problem. In addition, we prove that the H-infinity norm of the closed-loop system is bounded.

Keywords: {H-infinity Control, Differential Game Theory, Spacecraft Terminal Rendezvous, Elliptic Orbits}