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G. Franzini, S. Aringhieri, T. Fabbri, M. Razzanelli, L. Pollini, M. Innocenti, “Human-Machine Interface for Multi-Agent Systems Management using the Descriptor Function Framework”, in Modelling and Simulation for Autonomous Systems, Springer, 2016.

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Human-machine interfaces for command and control of teams of autonomous agents is an enabling technology for the development of reliable multi-agent systems. Tools for proper modelling of these systems are sought in order to ease the creation of efficient interface that allow a single operator to control several agents, as well as monitor the execution state of the tasks the team is demanded to accomplish. If humans are present in the environment, the agents must sense their presence and collaborate with them toward the mission accomplishment. In this context, the descriptor function framework is a versatile tool that allows the human integration at two levels: the development of human-machine interfaces and the achievement of human-machine teaming. In this paper, we show how such results can be obtained and we propose a possible architecture for the framework implementation.

Keywords: {Multi-Agent System, Autonomous System, Cooperative System, Human-Machine Interaction, Human-Autonomous System Teaming}