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M. Sfrecola, A. Corucci, A. Monorchio, "Hybridizing Ray Tracing and Method of Moments for Over-the-sea Prediction of LTE Signal", APS/URSI 2016

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This paper presents the results of a measurements campaign performed on a dedicated 1.8 GHz Long Term Evolution (LTE) system along a 47 kilometers path in the maritime area near Livorno, Italy. The comparison between the measured Reference Signal Received Power (RSRP) and the predicted coherent power shows how a ray tracing technique is suitable for a reasonable estimation in a maritime environment. Moreover, we show how it is possible to combine Ray Tracing (RT) with a Method-of-Moments (MoM) model of the environment surrounding the receiver, obtaining a more accurate estimation of the data. Such an approach could prove beneficial in critical situations where a more detailed estimation is required, and empirical methods are insufficient. 

Keywords: {LTE, propagation, prediction, ray tracing, maritime communications, path loss}