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D. Fenucci, A. Caffaz, R. Costanzi, E. Fontanesi, V. Manzari, L. Sani, M. Stifani, D. Tricarico, A. Turetta and A. Caiti: "WAVE: a wave energy recovery module for long endurance gliders and AUVs", MTS/IEEE Oceans ’16, Monterey (USA), September 2016

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The WAVE (Wave-powered Autonomous Vehicle for marine Exploration) project involves the development of a novel hybrid oceanographic glider/Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) with power recharging capabilities from environmental renewable sources, aiming at enhancing the endurance of a typ- ical marine mission. In this paper we present a brief description of the project, and the steps followed in the realization of the first version of the vehicle. The results emerged after a preliminary sea-trial of the prototype show the practical feasibility of the proposed approach.