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A. Leoni, D.Davalle, L. Fanucci: "ARM-based embedded system for SpaceFibre Link Analyser", 1st Italian Workshop on Embedded Systems (IWES), TECIP, Pisa, Italia, 20 Settembre, 2016

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A complete embedded system implementing a SpaceFibre Link Analyser has been presented. SpaceFibre is the forthcoming standard for on-board satellite communications and there is a strong necessity for a test equipment able to validate the devices that will implement the SpaceFibre link.

The SpaceFibre Link Analyser here proposed is able to unobtrusively analyse the traffic between two SpaceFibre or SpaceWire nodes as well as act as a SpaceFibre/SpaceWire device, injecting user-defined traffic. The Link Analyser can get a snapshot of the data flowing on the link and inject errors. Finally, it is highly configurable thanks to a cross platform Graphical User Interface (GUI).