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Rosini, N., Cominelli, L., Pieroni, M., Chiarello, F., Mazzei, D. & Fantoni, G. (2016). “Personality-Friendly” Objects: A New Paradigm For Human-Machine Interaction. In Advances in Computer-Human Interactions. IARIA Publishing.

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This work introduces the concept of "personality-friendly" objects. Its goal is to investigate the relationship that can exist between specific interactive products and the users' personalities. Nowadays, it seems that every object being advertised and put on the market has its own personality. This creates a strong and immediate connection between the customer and the object but often it does not go beyond the aesthetic level or the dialectic of the advertisement. For this reason, a methodology for the categorisation of interactive products has been developed.
With this classification, we intend to measure the compatibility between the human way of thinking and the use of products. A set of experiments have been done and their results are reported in this work.