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A FE tool to simulate a trans-catheter anchorbased system for mitral valve regurgitation. E. Gasparotti , E. Vignali , K. Capellini , G. Vivoli , A.G. Cerillo , V. Positano , S. Berti , L. Landini ,S. Celi. ESB-ITA Congress 2017

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Mitral Regurgitation (MR) is an alteration of normal mitral valve (MV) function that leads to mitral insufficiency. Undersized Mitral Annuloplasty (MA) is the preferred surgical treatment for chronic ischemic mitral regurgitation. However, the preferred shape of undersized MA is unclear. Recently a percutaneous direct annuloplasty capable to reduce the annulus size in real time under echocardiography guidance has been presented. The primary objective of this work is to develop a workflow able to provide strain and stress information regarding the novel valvuloplasty transcatheter anchor-based system for the correction of the mitral regurgitation. In this work, the morphological shape of the mitral annulus has been reconstructed by integrating CT and 3D TEE echo images and finite element simulations have been performed. Moreover an integrated environment based on pre-procedural, procedural images and FE simulations is presented. This tool is able to provide additional information on the procedural strategies optimizing the final results