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M. Assante, L. Candela, D. Castelli, G. Coro, F. Mangiacrapa, P. Pagano and C. Perciante: "Enacting Open Science by gCube" - IWGS, 9th International Workshop on Science Gateways, Poznań (Poland)

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The  Open  Science  movement  is  promising  to  revolutionise  the  way  science  is  conducted  with  the  goal  to  make it  more  fair,  solid  and  democratic.  This revolution  is  destinedto  remain  just  a  wish  if  it  is  not  supported  by  changes  inculture  and  practices  as  well  as  in  enabling  technologies.  This paper   describes   the   gCube   offering   to   enact   Open   Science-friendly Virtual Research Environments. In particular, the paper describes  how  a  complete  solution suitable  for  realising  Open Science practices is achieved by a social networking collaborative environment  in  conjunction  with  a  shared  workspace,  an  open data analytics platform, and a catalogue enabling FAIR principles on  every  research  artefact.

Keywords: Open Science, gCube, D4Science, Social Networking, Analytics, Publishing