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G.Valvano, D.Della Latta, N.Martini, G.Santini et al.:"Evaluation of a Deep Convolutional Neural Network method for the segmentation of breast microcalcifications in Mammography Imaging".EMBEC & NBC 2017. IFMBE Proceedings, vol 65, Springer Singapore

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Cluster of microcalcifications can be an early sign of breast cancer. In this paper we present a deep convolutional neural network for microcalcification detection and compare its results to a classical approach. In this work we used 238 mammograms to train and validate our neural network to recognize which pixels in a mammogram correspond to a calcification; we tested the results on 52 images and obtained an accuracy of 83.7% against only 58% of the classical approach. Our results show how deep learning could be an effective tool to use for microcalcification detection and segmentation, outdoing classical approaches.

Keywords: Deep convolutional neural network, deep learning, segmentation, microcalcification, mammography imaging