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Portaluri, G., Adami, D., Giordano, S., Pagano, M (2017, November). "A Novel Allocation Strategy for Virtual Machines in Software Defined Data Center". NFV-SDN Workshops

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Cloud Data Center (DC) service orchestration and resource management are important applications of the Software Defined Networking (SDN) paradigm.
In this paper, we introduce a novel dynamic allocation strategy for Virtual Machine (VM) allocation called Enhanced multi-objective Worst Fit (E-WF). E-WF combines the multi-objective Best Fit and Worst Fit allocation strategies, and it
exploits the history of the previous requests to limit the resource fragmentation. We allocate the VMs choosing jointly a server and the least power-consuming network path. We show in our simulations that E-WF performs better and allocates more VMs with respect to the other presented approaches,
and the power-aware network path allocation reduces the power consumption of network devices with respect to the classical shortest path first routing algorithm.