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M. Piotto, S. Del Cesta, P. Bruschi, "A Compact, Dual Channel Flow-based Differential Pressure Sensor with mPa Resolution and Sub-10 mW Power Consumption", Eurosensor, 2016

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In this work, we propose a single-chip sensor for the detection of two extremely low, independent differential pressures. The operating principle consists in measuring the airflow induced by the pressure through a channel of sub-millimeter cross-section [1]. The airflow is measured by differential thermal flow sensors, implementing a recently proposed drift-free offset compensation approach. Use of a low-noise, low-power readout interface, integrated on the same chip as the sensing structures, allowed the achievement of resolutions of 1.29 mPa, which are one order of magnitude lower than state-of-art devices. This performance has been obtained with power consumptions suitable for battery-powered applications.