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S. Saponara, G. Ciarpi, "IC Design and Measurement of an Inductorless 48 V DC/DC Converter in Low-Cost CMOS Technology Facing Harsh Environment", IEEE Transaction on Circuit and System-I: Regular Paper, June 2017

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Abstract— With reference to 48 V systems, used in electric and hybrid vehicles and for telecom and networking power supply, this paper presents the circuit/transistor-level design, implementation and test of an inductorless DC/DC converter. Its architecture is a cascade of 3 switched-capacitor converters with step-up/down capabilities plus linear converters, working in parallel at the end of the cascade. It provides multiple regulated voltages, which are isolated from input failures. The design also includes on-chip control unit and a serial interface towards an external host. Experimental tests carried out on the chip, fabricated in 0.35 m CMOS technology, proves that the design is suitable to face harsh operating environments, including the 48 V automotive one. Compared to the state-of-art, the proposed design stands for its wide input voltage regulation range, load/line regulation, power supply rejection ratio, and low electromagnetic interference emissions.