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Y.Andreu-Cabedo, P.Castellano, S.Colantonio, G.Coppini, R.Favilla, D.Germanese,[...]:"Mirror mirror on the wall… An intelligent multisensory mirror for well-being self-assessment", Proc. of IEEE Int.Conf. on Multimedia and Expo (ICME), 2015, pp.1-6

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The face reveals the healthy status of an individual, through a combination of physical signs and facial expressions. The project SEMEOTICONS is translating the semeiotic code of the human face into computational descriptors and measures, automatically extracted from videos, images, and 3D scans of the face. SEMEOTICONS is developing a multisensory platform, in the form of a smart mirror, looking for signs related to cardio-metabolic risk. The goal is to enable users to self-monitor their well-being status over time and improve their life-style via tailored user guidance. Building the multisensory mirror requires addressing significant scientific and technological challenges, from touch-less data acquisition, to real-time processing and integration of multimodal data.

Keywords:{Face, Three-dimensional displays, Mirrors, Skin, Indexes, Monitoring, Biomedical monitoring}