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S.Colantonio, G.Coppini, D.Germanese, [...]:"A smart mirror to promote a healthy lifestyle", Biosystems Engineering, vol. 138 (October 2015) pp. 33 - 43. Special Issue: Innovations in Medicine and Healthcare. Elsevier, 2015.

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ICT solutions to foster behavioural change have been shown to be effective in implementing primary prevention in terms of a healthy lifestyle. Primary prevention is the most viable approach to reduce the socio-economic burden of chronic and widespread diseases, such as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. In this paper, we present a novel multisensory device, the Wize Mirror, which is under development in the EU FP7 Project SEMEOTICONS. The Wize Mirror detects and monitors over time semeiotic face signs related to cardio-metabolic risk, and encourages users to reduce their risk by improving their lifestyle.

Keywords:{User profiling, Personalised guidance systems, Wellbeing evaluation}