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D.Germanese,[...]:"A low cost,portable device for breath analysis and self-monitoring,the wize sniffer". In: Appl. in Electronics Pervading Industry, Environment and Society. APPLEPIES2015. pp.51-57.,A.De Gloria ed.,Lect. Notes in Electr. Eng. vol409

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Here we describe the implementation of the first prototype of the Wize Sniffer 1.x (WS 1.x), a low cost, portable electronic device for breath analysis. The device is being developed in the framework of the Collaborative European Project SEMEOTICONS (SEMEiotic Oriented Technology for Individuals CardiOmetabolic risk self-assessmeNt and Self-monitoring). In the frame of SEMEOTICONS project, the Wize Sniffer will help the user monitor his/her state of health, in particular giving feedbacks about those noxious habits for cardio-metabolic risk, such as alcohol intake and smoking. The low cost and compactness of the device allows for a daily screening that, even if without a real diagnostic meaning, could represent a pre-monitoring, useful for an optimal selection of more sophisticated and standard medical analysis.