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P.Henriquez,[...], D.Germanese,[...]:"Mirror mirror on the wall... an unobtrusive intelligent multisensory mirror for well-being status self-assessment and visualization", IEEE Transactions on Multimedia. Vol. 19, Issue: 7, July 2017, pp. 1467 - 1481

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A person's well-being status is reflected by their face through a combination of facial expressions and physical signs. The SEMEOTICONS project translates the semeiotic code of the human face into measurements and computational descriptors that are automatically extracted from images, videos, and three-dimensional scans of the face. SEMEOTICONS developed a multisensory platform in the form of a smart mirror to identify signs related to cardio-metabolic risk. The aim was to enable users to self-monitor their well-being status over time and guide them to improve their lifestyle. Significant scientific and technological challenges have been addressed to build the multisensory mirror, from touchless data acquisition, to real-time processing and integration of multimodal data.