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D.Germanese, M.D'Acunto, M.Magrini, M.Righi, O.Salvetti:"Self-monitoring the Breath for the Prevention of Cardio-metabolic Risk", Proc. of SENSORDEVICES2017,The 8th Int. Conf. on Sensor Device Techn. and Appl., Rome, Italy, 10-14Sept. 2017, pp.96-101

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Breath analysis techniques offer a potential revolution in health care diagnostics because of their un-obtrusiveness and their inherent safety. However, while standard instrumentation such as mass spectrometers use laboratory settings to provide a correlation between exhaled substances and physical conditions, tofullyrealizethepotentialofbreathanalysisasaself-monitoring tool, its application must take place also in the clinics and at home and not only in a laboratory. This basic requirement has stimulated the necessity to develop cheap, portable, real time, easy-to-use devices for reliable breath tests and analysis. In this paper, we present the design of a portable breath analyzer, able to sense a set of breath volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to perform a processing of the data collected and to generate an output easily interpreted both by physicians and patients.