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P. Nannipieri, G. Dinelli, D.Davalle, L. Fanucci, "A SpaceFibre multi lane codec System on a Chip: enabling technology for low cost satellite EGSE", PRIME 2018 conference, Prague

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In the last few years, data rate requirement on onboard satellite communication systems significantly grown. The need of high speed networks led to the birth of the SpaceFibre protocol, which is able to run at several Gigabit per second and operates over both optical fibre and copper cables. A key feature of SpaceFibre is the possibility to have multi lane link, which increases the overall achievable data rate and link reliability. The growing complexity of satellite payload communication systems requires the definition an accurate monitoring and testing system. In this paper a multi lane SpaceFibre interface integrated in a System on a Chip is presented as enabling technology for an electrical ground segment equipment.