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Saverio Citraro, Ricardo Cipriani, Simone Donati, Paola Giannetti, Agostino Lanza, Pierluigi Luciano, Daniel Magalotti, Marco Piendibene: "The Associative Memory system for the FTK processor at ATLAS", PoS - Proceedings of Science

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Experiments at the LHC hadron collider search for extremely rare processes hidden in much larger background levels. As the experiment complexity, the accelerator backgrounds and instantaneus luminosity grow, increasingly complex and exclusive event selections are necessary. We present results and performances of a new prototype of the Associative Memory (AM) system, the core of the Fast Tracker processor (FTK). FTK is a real time tracking device for the ATLAS experiment trigger upgrade. The AM system provides massive computing power to minimize the online execution time of complex tracking algorithms. The time consuming pattern recognition problem, generally referred to as the "combinatorial challenge", is solved by the AM technology by exploiting parallelism to the maximum level. The Associative Memory compares the event to all precalculated "expectations" or "patterns" (pattern matching) at once and looks for candidate tracks called "roads". Pattern recognition is complete by the time the data have been loaded into the AM devices. We report on the tests of the integrated AM system, boards and chips. The prototype has a large network of long high-speed serial links witch has been successfully tested. We report on cooling and the expectations for the system's power consumption.

Keywords: {Associative Memory,hadron collider,LHC,Fast Tracker processor,FTK,real time tracking,pattern matching}