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V. Bartalesi, C. Buzzi, M. Buzzi, B. Leporini, C. Senette: "An Analytic Tool for Assessing Learning in Children with Autism", in Proceedings of HCI International 2014, Springer, LNCS, vol. 8514, pp. 209-220, Jun. 2014

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One approach for teaching subjects with autism is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). ABA intervention aims to model human behavior by observing, analyzing and modifying antecedents and/or consequences of a target behavior in the environment. To achieve this, many data are recorded during each trial, such as subject response (correct/incorrect, level of prompt, inappropriate behavior, etc.). In this paper we present a web application that aggregates and visualizes data collected during technology-enhanced educational sessions, in order to monitor learning in children with autism. In a previous study we developed a free open source web application called ABCD SW, to support educators in administering ABA programs. In this study we present a learning analytic tool that retrieves, aggregates and shows – in graphical and table form – data gathered by ABCD SW. This software offers accurate real-time monitoring of children’s learning, allowing teachers to analyze the collected data more rapidly, and to accurately tune and personalize the intervention for each child.

Keywords: {Learning Analytic tool, Data Analysis, web application, Autism, ABA}