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L.Baldanzi, L.Crocetti, M.Bertolucci, L. Fanucci, S. Saponara : "Analysis of Cybersecurity Weakness in Automotive In-Vehicle Networking and Hardware Accelerators for Real-time Cryptography", ApplePies 2018, Pisa, September 2018

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The work analyses the cybersecurity weakness in state-of-art
automotive in-vehicle networks and discusses possible countermeasures
at architecture level. Due to stringent real-time constraints (throughput
and latency) of fail-safe automotive applications, hardware accelerators
are needed. A hardware accelerator design for AES (Advanced Encryp-
tion Standard)-128/256 calculation, the latter being already considered
post-quantum resistant, is also presented together with implementation
results in FPGA and 45 nm CMOS technology.