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A. Virdis, G. Stea, G. Nardini, “SimuLTE: A Modular System-level Simulator for LTE/LTE-A Networks based on OMNeT++”, SimulTech 2014, Vienna, AT, August 28-30, 2014

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This paper describes SimuLTE, an open-source system-level simulator for LTE and LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) networks. SimuLTE is based on OMNeT++, a well-known, widely-used modular simulation framework, which offers a high degree of experiment support. As such, it can be seamlessly integrated with all the network-oriented modules of the OMNeT++ family, such as INET, thus enabling – among other things – credible simulation of end-to-end real-life applications across heterogeneous technologies. We describe the modeling choices and general architecture of the SimuLTE software, with particular emphasis on the MAC and scheduling functions, and show performance evaluation results obtained using the simulator.

Keywords: {LTE, LTE-Advanced, System-Level Simulator, OMNeT++}