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S. Saponara, G. Ciarpi, F. Giannetti, "Analysi and Simulations of mmW transceiver for System-in-Package communications", Lecture Notes on Electrical Engineering Springer, vol. 512, pp. 99-106, July 2017

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Abstract: This paper uses an analytical approach to provide a performance analysis of a millimeter-wave short-range link for System in Package (SiP) applications. Thanks to an analytical modeling of the real Si-integrated antenna, an easy-to-use expression of the Intersymbol Interference (ISI) is derived and used to estimate the performance of the communication system. The performance of two different low-complexity binary constellations (bipolar and unipolar symbols) and four different pulse shapes, i.e., No-Return-to-Zero (NRZ), Return-to-Zero (RZ), Manchester (MAN) and Root-Raised-Cosine (RRC) are compared to highlight the different performance in relation to the tight area and power constraints.