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Arreghini, F.; Vitiello, C.; Luise, M.; Manco, A.; Bacci, G.; Falzarano, M.:Test and Evaluation of Military SDR Platforms and Waveforms: Initial Outcomes from the Laboratory Funded by the Italian MoD - STO-IST-123 symposium the Hague 12-13 may 2014

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In this paper we present the approach of the Italian Ministry of Defense (MoD) to the test and evaluation (T&E) process of military SDR. Starting from  the key principles and choices made by Italy regarding military SDR we discuss the role of Italy in the International Community dealing with SDR. Then we presents the development of a national T&E capability for military SDR and the activities carried out at CSSN ITE Livorno to start a T&E facility (LANCERS Lab). Finally the current situations of the activities of the LANCERS lab and future work perspectives are presented.

keywords: {Software defined radio, Test and evaluation}