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Mondini L., Sbrana C., Arreghini F. :"Exposure by WLAN in an Indoor Environment" - III Convegno Nazionale Interazioni tra Campi Elettromagnetici e Biosistemi Napoli 2-4 luglio 2014

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Investigated topics of this study are: (I) Assessment of the Electric field in a home scenario with particular regard to an infant bedroom (II) verification of the compliance to Italian regulatory limits concerning population exposure to EM fields (III) Comparison the Electric field strength measured with values expected by a single commercial WLAN transmitter (100mW – 2400 Mhz) (IV) Determination of the safety distance at where Electric field strength reach the regulatory limit value
(zoning – CENELEC EN 50499).

Keywords: {E-field exposure assessment, finite- difference methods; environmental safety }