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A. Caiti, F. Di Corato, D. Fenucci et al: “Fusing acoustic ranges and inertial measurements in AUV navigation: the Typhoon AUV at CommsNet13 sea trial”, OCEANS ’14 TAIPEI, April 2014.

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The paper presents some experimental results of autonomous underwater navigation, based on the fusion of acoustic and inertial measurements. The work is in the framework of the Thesaurus project, funded by the Tuscany Region, aiming at developing techniques for systematic exploration of marine areas of archaeological interest through a team of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). The test was carried out with one Typhoon vehicle, a 300m depth rated AUV with acoustic communication capabilities, during the CommsNet13 experiment, organized and scientifically coordinated by the NATO S&T Org. Ctr. for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE, formerly NURC), with the participation of several research institutions. The fusion algorithm is formally casted into an optimal stochastic filtering problem, where the rough estimation of the vehicle position, velocity and attitude, are refined by using the depth measurement, the relative measurements available on the acoustic channel and the vehicle surge speed.