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F. Di Corato, D. Fenucci, A. Caiti et al: “Toward underwater acoustic-based simultaneous localization and mapping. Experimental results with the Typhoon AUV at CommsNet13 sea trial”, OCEANS ’14 ST.JOHN’S, September 2014

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An algorithmic framework and experimental results on acoustic self-localization and mapping for an AUV equipped with an USBL modem are reported. The methodology proposed is quite general and applicable to a wide range of AUV and of navigation needs; however, the results presented refer to the Typhoon AUV and to the experimental configuration as available in the CommsNet13 cruise, led by the NATO S&T Ctr. for Maritime Research and Experimentation. The obtained results show that, even with a low cost, inertial motion units, and in presence of hostile acoustic channel conditions, the approach is able to keep the navigation error bounded and within 3 - 4 times GPS accuracy.